--1 pre-paid Swedish Massage per month, either 60 or 90 Minute, depending upon membership chosen.

--Unlimited additional sessions may be purchased at the Membership Rate.

--Earn a $20 account credit for each new member you refer!

--Enjoy 25% off Spa Upgrades at each treatment.

--Unused sessions don’t expire for a full 6 Months.

--Purchased sessions can be shared with friends and family.

--One Gift Certificate for a 60 or 90 Minute Massage will be awarded after every 12 months of membership!

Massage Memberships

Fabulous Massage & Body Work

Membership entitles you to the following benefits:

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Become a member by March 31st and get $20 in FREE Spa Upgrades added to your massage!

60 Minute Massage Membership: $59 + sales tax.

90 Minute Massage Membership: $89 + sales tax.

(Gratuity is not included.)

Have you resolved to take better care of yourself this year? A consistent massage routine has been shown to lower stress and keep you feeling great. Many of us don't get massage as often as we'd like. Maybe cost is a concern. Maybe you are so busy that you forget to book one until you wake up with your back so stiff that you can hardly get through the day. Massage is more than a luxury, more than a birthday treat, it is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Let us help you meet your self-care goals with our Massage Membership. We've worked hard to create the friendliest membership in town, with no long-term commitment, no sign-up or cancellation fees, and up to 6 months to use your prepaid massages. A membership gets you great discounts and is flexible enough to work with your demanding life. You can bring one friend or family member with you every month, and you will earn a free massage at the end of your first year that can be gifted or used for yourself. Every massage is customized with a thorough intake that doesn't come out of your treatment time, and Spa Add-ons, such as Hot Stones or Aromatherapy, let you shape the mood of each visit.