Re-Belle: Décolletage Treatment
The Décolletage is your upper chest and neck. Here in the SW this delicate skin is bombarded with sun damage and dry heat, and the decolletage is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Our 'Re-Belle: Décolletage Treatment' will help fight aging with a combination of products designed to repair damaged skin and nourish the layers beneath. 60 Minutes, includes relaxing hand and arm massage.

60 Minute Décolletage Treatment: $79

Retreat: Peaceful Escape Facial
Let us whisk you away to a quiet place where you can enjoy a 90 minute retreat that pampers and nourishes your skin while easing your mind. Deep cleansing, hydrating masks, and soothing serums are enhanced with your choice of a sugar foot or hand scrub and aromatherapy. A relaxing head and hand massage is included.

90 Minute Peaceful Escape Facial: $99

Restore: Back-ne Treatment
Acne on your back can be painful and unsightly. Our double-cleanse protocol strips oils and irritants, while nourishing the skin, reducing inflammation, and promoting faster healing. This service includes an enzyme treatment, extractions, and even a foot massage!

60 Minute Back-ne Treatment: $89

Recharge: Express Facial
Need to recharge your batteries over lunch or while running errands? This efficient yet relaxing facial will have you up and running with an extra glow after a cleanse, mask, and moisturizing treatment. Enzymes, steam, and other modifications may be added, dependent upon your skin's needs.

30 Minute Express Facial: $49

Facial  & Skincare Services

Renew: Custom Facial
This facial is customized from top to bottom on the day of your visit, based upon your skincare needs and your mood. A thorough intake and assessment will reveal the best course of action and the best combination of treatments. Suitable for all skin conditions or needs.

60 Minute Custom Facial: $69

Radiance: Enhanced Anti-Aging Facial
This in-depth facial fights time with the high-powered Natural Lift Masque from Rhonda Allison. The masque goes beyond skin-firming by stimulating your facial muscles. The treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, serums, and moisturizers chosen based upon your skin's needs. This 90 minute service includes a relaxing head and hand massage. Continual monthly treatments help improve the appearance of sagging skin problems and scarring associated with adolescent and/or adult blemishes.

75 Minute Enhanced Anti-Aging Facial: $109

Regenerate: Men's Facial
This facial utilizes the Method product line from Rhonda Allison that has been designed just for the gentleman's unique skincare needs. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation with steam, extractions, mask, and moisturizer. A relaxing hand and head massage is included.

60 Minute Men's Facial: $69

Reveal: Dermaplane Facial
Dermaplaning is a safe and gentle way to slough away dead skin and peach fuzz. No waxing needed! Fine facial hair does not grow back thicker, and a smoother makeup application is an added bonus. The Dermaplane facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and moisturizer. Includes a relaxing head and hand massage.

60 Minute Dermaplane Facial: $69

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Rewind: Anti-Aging Facial
Our Anti-Aging Facial tackles fine lines and sun damage with a tailored combination that may include deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, nourishing masks, and moisturizer. Includes a relaxing head and hand massage. This facial is also great for renewing sun-damaged skin!

60 Minute Anti-Aging Facial: $69

Remedy: Acne Facial
Tackle your acne with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, purifying mask, and moisturizer. Extractions and steam may be included, depending upon your skin's needs. Includes a relaxing head and hand massage.

60 Minute Acne Facial: $69

Fabulous Massage & Facials

Refresh: Express Peel
This targeted treatment includes a deep cleanse, peel, and moisturizer. Masks or enzymes may be added, depending upon your skin's needs. 30 minutes.

30 Minute Express Peel: $69

Revolution: CBD Facial
Cannabidiol (CBD) facials are now available! CBD is the newest trend in skin care, for good reason! It’s been shown to regulate cell growth, reduce inflammation, and stimulate important fats in the skin and sebaceous glands. These treatments are very helpful for dry skin, and such issues as psoriasis and eczema. Includes a relaxing head and hand massage. 60 minutes.

CBD products will not induce a high as they do not contain the active ingredients in recreational marijuana. These products are fully tested for safety and effectiveness, and comply with all local, state and federal laws. CBD treatments are not available for clients under 18, or for those with certain skincare or health concerns. Your esthetician will help you determine if CBD facials are right for you.

60 Minute CBD Facial: $99

Questions about CBD? Visit  to learn about our product supplier, their philosophy, and the revolution in natural skincare.